Up to 25% off Cat Batteries

Up to 25% off Cat Batteries

Up to 25% OFF Cat Batteries!

Save big on genuine CAT Batteries. We offer a wide selection of batteries that are available for automotive, light truck, bus, industrial, agricultural, marine, recreational and valve regulated (VRLA-AGM & Gel) applications.

The more you buy, the more you save!

– 10% off for orders between $150 – $399
– 15% off for orders between $400 – $749
– 25% off for orders above $750

Our Cat batteries produce exceptional performance and power that includes:

– Maximum strength and resistance to acid seepage
– Built-in overcharge protection and higher CCA output
– Durable positive and negative plates for maximum vibration resistance.
– Protected against “shorts” and vibration damage.
– Impact-resistant case provides extra strength in all temperatures.
– Built-in flame arrestor reduces the possibility of explosion from external sparks.

Expires Dec. 31, 2024

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